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[Bug 14526] WF2: When adding filenames to the data set, should there be normalization of decomposed forms?

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Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2011 20:43:19 +0000
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Masatoshi Kimura <VYV03354@nifty.ne.jp> changed:

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--- Comment #15 from Masatoshi Kimura <VYV03354@nifty.ne.jp> 2011-11-02 20:43:18 UTC ---
Mac OS uses a special variant of NFD to avoid normalizing CJK Compatibility
Ideographs because some of Compatibility Ideographs is important (even
required) in Japan. Roughly speaking, It excludes a specific ranges of code
points from Normalization.

I found a proposal document from Apple (but rejected by UTC).
Note that this proposal is a bit different from what Mac OS is actually using.
Mac OS also excludes code points from U+2000 to U+2FFF.

I think we should define "willful violation of UAX #15" or "Web Normalization"
or something other than NFC.

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