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[Bug 9939] If we have a concept of "WebDevice", manufacturer could start to create amazing web devices (Example: www.poken.com). These devices once connected could interact with the website using a REST PROTOCOL. Event based (The device send information when we do a

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--- Comment #2 from Gabriel Klein <gabriel.public.3@nuage.ch>  2010-06-17 06:52:00 ---
Some features (optionnal)

>> You insert the web-device.
The browser open a specific website.

>> Events based
In javascript I write a code similar to
callback = {some code}
device = findDevice(...);

Every time I have an event on the device. (Example: I press the button of the
device). I receive the information of the event.

>> Call based
This call will call a "function" on the device with a parameter "signUrl" and
return a rest formated result.

The referer is sent to all calls that are made on the device.
So we can "verify" that an application (we hope the browser) sent the referer.

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