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[Bug 9939] If we have a concept of "WebDevice", manufacturer could start to create amazing web devices (Example: www.poken.com). These devices once connected could interact with the website using a REST PROTOCOL. Event based (The device send information when we do a

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--- Comment #1 from Gabriel Klein <gabriel.public.3@nuage.ch>  2010-06-17 06:42:08 ---

I see a demand for kind of "WebDevices".

What is my definition of WebDevices?
A webdevice is a device specific for a (or multiple) website. 

The goal is to allow manufacturer to create a specific device (or program) that
interact with a (or multiple) website without the need of installing drivers,
extra-security, etc.

Some example:
>> "Sign a URL" and a device.
This device once inserted can sign url with a specific id, timestamp.
Example: "banking access card". I insert my usb banking access card, enter a
password on this card, and it will start to sign all calls that come from my
bank. (with a "accept/deny" on the access card.)

>> Generate a one-time token

>> Share information with a website.
When you "poken" with another poken, the information of the event is sent to a

What some people are doing now?
(here are what some people are doing)

>> Creating a custom drivers
You need to install a driver on the operating system.

>> Generate a virtual usb keyboard.
When you "act" on the device, it "types" a list of characters. It might be a
token or a url.

>> Generate an html file.
We generate an html file that send the information when opened.

>> Have a java/other applet
This signed applet will have restricted access to the device.

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