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Re: 2 preliminary DCAT questions

From: Fadi Maali <fadi.maali@deri.org>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 16:53:57 +0000
Cc: public-gld-comments@w3.org
Message-Id: <9CAE87C7-C1F3-4BB9-B051-8F9C7ADD4FAC@deri.org>
To: Timothy Herzog <timgherzog@gmail.com>

On 10 Jan 2013, at 16:41, Timothy Herzog wrote:

> > 2) Any suggestions for including the contact information for a dataset, i.e., who to call with questions? dc:publisher, dc:creator and dc:mediator are close, but not quite.
> You can define a maintainer or creator as a resource and provide the email as a property of him. Something ilke
> :dataset dc:maintainer :person .
> :person foaf:mbox  <mailto:p@xx.com>  .
> Best regards,
> Fadi
> dc:maintainer sounds like exactly what I'm looking for, but I can't find where it is documented.

I am sorry! dc:maintainer doesn't exist. dc:publisher is not a perfect fit but might suffice.

> The only reference I can find is an oblique one in the DCAT specification: "In cases where a distinction between the actual dataset and its entry in the catalog is necessary (because metadata such as modification date and maintainer might differ)..." I know this isn't germaine to DCAT, but was dc:maintainer a proposed/draft term at some point?

Regarding, the distinction between the dataset and its entry in the catalog: If the dataset is published by the publisher X and was created on 2013-01-08, then these are properties of the dataset itself and can be expressed as:

:dataset dc:publisher :publisherX; dc:created "2013-01-08"

If this dataset was added to the catalog on 2013-01-10 by you (:me) and you want to capture these information, then DCAT provides the CatalogRecord class

:cr foaf:primaryTopic :dataset; dc:created "2013-01-10"; dc:publisher :me .

This means that :me is responsible for the dataset record in the catalog and should be contacted about it while :publisherX is responsible for the dataset itself and should be contacted for issues related to the data.

Hope that helps.

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