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Re: 2D Transforms Update - 14 Oct 2010

From: Erik Dahlstrom <ed@opera.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 21:48:59 +0200
To: "Anthony Grasso" <Anthony.Grasso@cisra.canon.com.au>, "public-fx@w3.org" <public-fx@w3.org>
Message-ID: <op.vk5dbxyngeuyw5@mbp-2.local>
On Thu, 14 Oct 2010 08:01:10 +0200, Anthony Grasso  
<Anthony.Grasso@cisra.canon.com.au> wrote:

> Hi FX-TF,
>> From the feedback I received on the previous update. I've made another  
>> update to the CSS/SVG 2D Transforms specification [1].
> Significant changes are:
> - [ED_1] Added wording to limit the first paragraph in the Content Flow  
> section to CSS only. Erik do you think this is ok? Do you have any other  
> suggested wording?

That's fine I think.

> - [ED_1] Changed occurrences of "For CSS..." to "For elements in the CSS  
> box model...".

"For both CSS elements in the CSS box model and SVG elements..." sounds a  
bit strange to me (not sure what 'CSS elements' is supposed to mean), I  
suggest "For both elements in the CSS box model and SVG elements..."  
instead, or maybe "For all elements where the transform property  
applies...". Apart from that the change looks good.


Erik Dahlstrom, Core Technology Developer, Opera Software
Co-Chair, W3C SVG Working Group
Personal blog: http://my.opera.com/macdev_ed
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