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XForms 2 and XPath 1, was Re: Draft minutes for 2012-02-01

From: John Boyer <boyerj@ca.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2012 14:41:39 -0800
To: "Leigh L. Klotz, Jr." <Leigh.Klotz@Xerox.com>
Cc: public-forms@w3.org
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Hi Everyone,

Previously I said it was more important for XPath 1 to be *required* to 
implement under XForms 1.2, whereas for XForms 2.0 it is OK to go down to 
[*recommended*  + allowed to be supported by XPath 2 compat mode].

While it is true that XPath 2 came out a long time ago, we do still need a 
gentler transition for XForms 1.1 content, which is xpath 1 focused. 

I remain unclear what is the big blob of work that is being avoided by 
ripping out the lion's share of the work already done to be clear about 
xpath 1 works with XForms 2.

I also think there are perhaps a few things that will come to mind as 
being appropriate for XPath 1 only, but then I still have a 
lowest-common-denominator expectation that those same forms will work when 
someone does use an XForms 2.0 + XPath 2 processor.  One that comes to 
mind is the eval-in-context() function.  In Xpath 2 you don't need this 
because the grammar of XPath 2 fixes a grammatic limitation in XPath 1. 
But, if I want to write a form that also works in XForms 2 + XPath 1 
processor, then I would use the eval-in-context() function.

Hasn't the bulk of the work already been done by Nick to handle both?  Why 
get rid of it?

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From:   "Leigh L. Klotz, Jr." <Leigh.Klotz@Xerox.com>
To:     public-forms@w3.org
Date:   01/02/2012 09:08 AM
Subject:        Draft minutes for 2012-02-01

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