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Re: Weblogs by W3C Team members

From: Oskar van Rijswijk <oskar@mijncomputer.nl>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 08:06:37 +0200
Message-Id: <>
To: public-evangelist@w3.org

Hi folks,

Karl asked three questions about W3C-weblogs. Here is my $0.02:

>* Do you think W3C Team individual persons should have technical weblogs?


* Published on the site of w3c.org (e.g. MSDN, Borland, and Sun do that 
also on and from their own website);
* The weblogs should offer newsfeeds in RSS 1.0 (RDF), RSS 2.0 and Atom ;
* The weblogs should have their own specific searchengine (into the 
fulltext of the weblogs-database), an index/sitemap and a special 
newsfeeds-index (including a feedlist in OPML).

>* Why?

It would offer:

* Better information: summaries and background to the work, specs en 
documents of W3C, in "normal language";
* It would offer more interaction: comments on weblog postings work better, 
than participation on a mailinglist.

>* Which languages they should use? (they are many languages in the Team)?

en  - English is the esperanto of the web!


Oskar van Rijswijk

[ www.w3os.nl/oskar ][nl]

[ www.w3os.nl/en/oskar ][en-us] 
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