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Re: PCMag ranks the browsers and says IE6 is the best...

From: Randy Reames <randy@reames.org>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 08:56:34 -0500
Message-ID: <3D985812.10600@reames.org>
To: public-evangelist@w3.org

I think we all agree that the Web would be a much better place if NN4.x 
would go away and everyone would upgrade to the newest, best compliant 
browser. But unfortunantly it is not going to happen very soon. I have 
talked with several NN4.x users that were burnt with Netscape's 6 
version browser and are still leery of getting 7. While many of these 
people are not very Web savvy they have been on line long enough to have 
started when Netscape was the browser of choice. The company I work for 
had 4.x as the company standard for several years. I am getting many in 
the IIS department to change to Mozilla and sometime we will roll it out 
company wide as the standard.

With working on a Web site for a company that caters to mostly rural 
Western Kansas USA, I use standards and accessibility as much as I 
possibly can, but sometimes I have to flex. The Web is still evolving 
and we should push as hard as we can for standards, but still understand 
that each site has its own needs for its users.

Randy Reames > Web Developer > Midwest Energy
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I support Web Standards and Accessibility.
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