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RE: CSS and Netscape

From: Marek Prokop <mprokop@prokopsw.cz>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 12:09:39 +0200
Message-ID: <01C2501E.1E6B88C0.mprokop@prokopsw.cz>
To: "public-evangelist@w3.org" <public-evangelist@w3.org>

Thor Larholm [SMTP:public-evangelist-w3@jscript.dk] wrote:
> Give up Netscape 4 or give up standards.

First, it *is* possible to code for NN4 using valid, strict 
(X)HTML and CSS. Of course, you can't create the same 
sofisticated layouts and visually perfect designs as for modern 
browsers, but your documents can still be fully accessible and 

Second, is not HTML 4.0 Transitional a valid standard? We may 
consider XHTML + CSS layout a better standard, however the 
transitional specs are standards as well and there is nothing 
wrong with a table layout, provided it's done properly.


Marek Prokop
Received on Friday, 30 August 2002 06:25:36 UTC

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