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RE: SWAD-Europe tshirt again

From: Wilson, MD (Michael) <M.D.Wilson@rl.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 16:33:25 -0000
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To: 'Libby Miller' <Libby.Miller@bristol.ac.uk>, public-esw@w3.org
Cc: liz@ephidrina.org

I'd very much like to get Arabic and Hebrew which can probably be done by
the W3C offices  in those countries - they are difficult since they read
right to left; but they add to the international flavour of the thing.
Arabic without Hebrew could be seen as a political statement that W3C does
not wish to make.

There is also a Korean Office who can do Korean. There is somebody who
normally translates things into Russian for W3C - see the list
w3c-translators@w3.org and the page listing them at

For the Indian languages (Hindi etc) there are several people liste there.

There are other language translators listed there is you want to venture
into more exotic scripts.

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Subject: SWAD-Europe tshirt again

hi all,

Liz has some tshirt designs, detailed at:


If you'd like to comment on the design, please do so here, by the end of
this week.

The slogan on the front is not yet finalized - Dan is talking to his W3C
colleagues about it this week. He prefers the slogan

"We helped build the Semantic Web"

- as a more modest representation of the achievements of the project.

Other suggestions welcome, although it needs to be six words to fit in
with the design.

We will also need to look into how many languages to put on the back
and and who we can ask to check them for us (thanks Alberto! :)

Liz was thinking of


with english at the bottom. We have the translation for Italian:
"e tutto quello che abbiamo ottenuto e' questa stupida maglietta"

I guess Max or Chaals could do French, Chaals also arabic maybe?
Perhaps a W3C team member could help us with the Japanese. Liz has
friends who can do Dutch, maybe German and Russian. Eva could do Spanish
for us.

That leaves german(?) greek(?) russian(?) chinese and hindi. Plus any
others which we think should be in there (Hungarian? Ivan could do


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