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RE: Maintenance Workflow for SKOS (or RDF statements)

From: <Simon.Cox@csiro.au>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 09:39:38 +0800
To: <christophe.dupriez@destin.be>, <public-esw-thes@w3.org>, <dspace-fr@services.cnrs.fr>
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"- a workflow manager to record update proposals and have the maintainers 
vote about them." 

There are good acceptance criteria other than voting, and it doesn't always get the right result. In 1897 the Indiana reps voted to define pi=3 - fortunately the bill died in the state senate. 

I suggest you should provide a more abstract acceptance point for proposals. 

FWIW ISO 19135 has a very nice model of workflows for register-maintenance. 
In this context, a vocabulary is a kind of register. 

Simon Cox

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Subject: Maintenance Workflow for SKOS (or RDF statements)

  Maintaining thesauri and their interrelations requires:
- a user interface for browsing/search/visualisation of concepts and 
their relations,
- a workflow manager to record update proposals and have the maintainers 
vote about them.
We would like to "make happen" such a "maintenance workflow manager for 
RDF and SKOS" first to serve the needs of Belgium Poison Centre (*) and 
then those of the SKOS Community in general.

Please click below for draft specifications:

As a computer scientist, I can develop parts of this system (upon the 
basis of ASKOSI.org current results) but this could be also an 
opportunity for other good wills and talents to improve users needs 
assessment, specifications, documentation, HTML/CSS/Javascript design, 
Java coding of specific parts, user acceptance validation, etc. We would 
be also very happy to collaborate with an existing project.

Please let me know your potential interest for your students, for your 
project team or for yourself.

Wishing you a very nice day,

Christophe Dupriez

(*) The resulting thesauri are currently used to index and retrieve 
within a DSpace Repository of 90 thousands scientific articles about 
Acute Toxicology.
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