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Re: Best practices: SKOS-XL or SKOS Core

From: Thomas Bandholtz <thomas.bandholtz@innoq.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 19:38:46 +0100
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To: "LAABOUDI Christine (OPOCE)" <Christine.LAABOUDI@publications.europa.eu>
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Hi Christine,

in SKOS-XL you can have relations between terms (xl:Label) which you
cannot in SKOS.
SKOS only knows relations between Concepts, ConceptSchemes, and
Collections, while terms are simple string attributes.

As to your homograph example, I have described a full pattern in

Johan gave a slightly different example from Eurovoc in
He does not use xl.Label instances for the qualifiers like I do, they
are simple string attributes of the homograph Label.

Both examples are valid as far as I see.
But I think that "fish" and "music" might be in use as prefTerms (or
nonPrefTerms) of different Concepts as well, so they would exist as
xl:Label instances anyway. In this case why not relate to them for the

I do not see any cons against the XL representation as long as you want
to express such (or similar) relations between terms.
Otherwise you would not need XL. SKOS without XL is more compact, based
on a general simplification of the lexical structure.

Best regards,

LAABOUDI Christine (OPOCE) schrieb:
> Dear all,
> In Eurovoc RDF, preferred terms are represented in SKOS-XL rather than
> in SKOS core?
> What are the pro/cons of this representation?
> Example of a preferred terms + qualifier:
>         <rdf:Description rdf:about="http://eurovoc.europa.eu/383173 ">
>         <xl:literalForm xml:lang="sl">Butan (Kraljevina)</xl:literalForm>
>         </rdf:Description>
>         <rdf:Description rdf:about="http://eurovoc.europa.eu/381993 ">
>         <xl:literalForm xml:lang="sl">butan (plin)</xl:literalForm>
>         </rdf:Description>
> Regards,
> Publications Office
> EUR-Lex Unit
> Eurovoc Team

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