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AW: AW: use-instead notes

From: Neubert Joachim <J.Neubert@zbw.eu>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 14:40:48 +0100
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> The ISO 25964 model (which you can see attached to my message at
> has an explicit relationship between any note and any concept 
> referred to within that note. This is intended to cover the 

That's really good news! It indeed covers the situation in a general

The SKOS model allows, as Antoine pointed out, even more (indeed
arbitrarily complex) structures for notes, but in my eyes these
structures require some self-discipline and some explanation (in form of
documentation properties or comments, which can be attached to custom
sub-properties of skos:note oder skos:scopeNote).
> and "restrictions on market entry". My suggestion was that a 
> user would be referred to the preferred term "market entry" 
> by the entries:
> restrictive business practices
> SN: For restrictions on market entry USE market entry
> RT: market entry

In my opinion, this will work fine both with the ISO data model (Note
refersTo ThesaurusConcept) and with a structured form of skos:note or
skos:scopeNote (with or without a RT/skos:related).

> and
> restrictions on market entry
> USE: market entry

SKOS does not provide "non-descriptors" as stand-alone entries, so this
kind of hint could only be attached to <market entry> as an altLabel.
(May be a good addition, but doesn't help at <restrictive business

> text? If a structure is needed I would prefer to make it 
> another formal type of relationship, not a note, but I'd 
> rather not introduce this complication.

For my part I like the idea of having the structure and meaning of
"use-instead" explicitly defined - but I agree, it's another thing to
introduce an extension of the ISO data model for this special case.
(And, by the way, there are forms of "use-instead" notes which cannot be
formalized at all - e.g. <industrial promotion> - For the promotion of
particular sectors or regions USE the corresponding descriptors).

Kind regards, Joachim
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