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misleading sentence in the SKOS primer

From: Pat Hayes <phayes@ihmc.us>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 11:27:15 -0600
Message-Id: <E8654521-FED5-4D6B-BD83-201CE132CAF6@ihmc.us>
To: public-esw-thes@w3.org
The excellent "SKOS Primer" has one sentence in it which may be  
misleading. When discussing owl:imports, it states:

"In particular, there is no logical dependency between skos:inScheme  
and owl:imports: the use of owl:imports will not result in the  
presence of any additional skos:inScheme statements."

Well, no. It might, if the imported file itself contained some  
skos:inScheme statements.

What is meant here, as becomes clear when one follows the example  
given, is that if A imports B, then the triples in B should not be  
counted as being skos:inScheme in scheme A.

A minor point, but it caught my attention because when I read this for  
the first time (carelessly) it seemed like SKOS was denying the OWL  
semantics for owl:imports.

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