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RE: furthed SKOS question

From: Sini, Margherita (KCEW) <Margherita.Sini@fao.org>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 10:56:54 +0200
To: De Smedt Johan <Johan.DeSmedt@wkb.be>, Rob Tice <rob.tice@k-int.com>, public-esw-thes@w3.org
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(sorry corrected mistake)

	If a concept is reused across different concept schemes my proposal
would be to have different namespace (and so different URI) for it and then
define them with the different labels as needed, and then use mappings.
	       uri c_in_a = http://myschemeA#c123 <http://myschemea/#c123>
and has preferred label a
	       uri c_in_b = http://myschemeB#c123 <http://myschemeB#c123>
and has preferred label b
	http://myschemeA#c123 <http://myschemea/#c123>  exactMatch
http://myschemeB#c123 <http://myschemeB#c123>  
	Hope this helps.

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		Hi Rob,
		In our projects we have recognized the need to have different
		depending on the product/audience where a concept is used.
		To solve that, we using mapping relationships.
		Each product further uses only one specific Concept scheme
but can
		exploit mapped concepts
		- when clear for the audience (to navigate/use a different
		- find indexed/classified documents (classification by the
other concept
		scheme terms)
		Currently we have found the skos mappings to be responding to
		requirements though than what we need (at least as I
understand it and I
		appologize up front if I am wrong).  So we use a proprietary
		construct (it was introduced on this mailing lists in other
comments I
		We also tried some label-relationship approach but this
became too
		complicated in maintenance, conformance to the standard,
clarity and
		I am looking forward to your or other reactions and
approaches about
		this issue.
		kr, Johan De Smedt.
		e-mail: johan.de-smedt@tenfroce.com
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		Subject: furthed SKOS question
		Dear list members
		As a follow up to my previous post (but in a slightly
different area)
		If a concept is reused across different concept schemes.
		How should we expose that scheme 'a' has a preferred label
for the
		concept of 'a', but scheme 'b' has a preferred label for
concept 'a'
		which is actually 'b'?
		Best Regards
		Rob Tice, Director
		Knowledge Integration Ltd
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		South Yorkshire
		S3 8PZ
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