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RE: furthed SKOS question

From: De Smedt Johan <Johan.DeSmedt@wkb.be>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 09:48:08 +0200
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To: "Rob Tice" <rob.tice@k-int.com>, <public-esw-thes@w3.org>

Hi Rob,

In our projects we have recognized the need to have different labels
depending on the product/audience where a concept is used.
To solve that, we using mapping relationships.
Each product further uses only one specific Concept scheme but can
exploit mapped concepts
- when clear for the audience (to navigate/use a different thesaurus
- find indexed/classified documents (classification by the other concept
scheme terms)

Currently we have found the skos mappings to be responding to different
requirements though than what we need (at least as I understand it and I
appologize up front if I am wrong).  So we use a proprietary mapping
construct (it was introduced on this mailing lists in other comments I

We also tried some label-relationship approach but this became too
complicated in maintenance, conformance to the standard, clarity and

I am looking forward to your or other reactions and approaches about
this issue.

kr, Johan De Smedt. 
e-mail: johan.de-smedt@tenfroce.com
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Subject: furthed SKOS question

Dear list members

As a follow up to my previous post (but in a slightly different area)

If a concept is reused across different concept schemes.

How should we expose that scheme 'a' has a preferred label for the
concept of 'a', but scheme 'b' has a preferred label for concept 'a'
which is actually 'b'?

Best Regards



Rob Tice, Director
Knowledge Integration Ltd
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South Yorkshire
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email: rob.tice@k-int.com
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