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Re: translations for new properties

From: Mark van Assem <mark@cs.vu.nl>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 15:54:29 +0200
Message-ID: <434A7295.3040500@cs.vu.nl>
To: "Miles, AJ \(Alistair\)" <A.J.Miles@rl.ac.uk>
CC: public-esw-thes@w3.org


Basing my translation on Thomas' German version (which is usually 
closer to Dutch than English).

I leave "resource" untranslated because of the specific technical 
meaning (the "thing that this property is attached to"); translating 
it causes more confusion I think.

Note the errors in the tags, xml:lang tag should be "de" for the 
German text.

  <rdf:Property rdf:ID="note">
   <rdfs:label xml:lang="en">note</rdfs:label>
   <rdfs:label xml:lang="de">Anmerkung</rdfs:label>
   <rdfs:label xml:lang="nl">notitie</rdfs:label>

   <skos:definition xml:lang="en">A general note, for any
   <skos:definition xml:lang="de">Eine allgemeine Anmerkung ohne
  speziellen Verwendungszweck.</skos:definition>
   <skos:definition xml:lang="nl">Een algemene notitie zonder specifiek

   <rdfs:comment xml:lang="en">This property may be used directly, or 
as a
  super-property for more specific note types.</rdfs:comment>
   <rdfs:comment xml:lang="en">Diese Eigenschaft kann unmittelbar
  verwendet werden oder zur Ableitung speziellerer
   <rdfs:comment xml:lang="nl">Deze relatie kan direct worden gebruikt,
   of als super-relatie van meer specifieke notitie-typen.

> I am not sure I really understood "gettable representations" in the 
> following:

Me neither. What did you mean here Alistair?

  <rdf:Property rdf:ID="symbol">
   <rdfs:label xml:lang="en">symbolic label</rdfs:label>
   <rdfs:label xml:lang="en">visuelles Symbol</rdfs:label>
   <rdfs:label xml:lang="nl">symbolisch label</rdfs:label>

   <skos:definition xml:lang="en">An image that is a symbolic label for
  the resource.</skos:definition>
   <skos:definition xml:lang="en">Ein Bild, das die Ressource
   <skos:definition xml:lang="nl">Een plaatje dat een symbolisch label
    voor de resource is.</skos:definition>

   <rdfs:comment xml:lang="en">This property is roughly analagous to
  rdfs:label, but for labelling resources with images that have gettable
  representations, rather than RDF literals.</rdfs:comment>
   <rdfs:comment xml:lang="en">Diese Eigenschaft entspricht weitgehend
  rdfs:label, wird aber für Bilder mit Repräsentationen verwendet, die
  sich mit GET anzeigen lassen.</rdfs:comment>
   <rdfs:comment xml:lang="nl">Deze relatie is ongeveer equivalent aan 
rdfs:label, maar wordt gebruikt voor plaatjes met representaties die 
met GET kunnen worden opgehaald, in plaats van RDF 



  Mark F.J. van Assem - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
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