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Re: [PORT] new editor's working draft of SKOS Core Vocab Spec

From: Mikael Nilsson <mini@nada.kth.se>
Date: Sun, 09 Oct 2005 22:51:46 +0200
Message-ID: <434982E2.5090307@nada.kth.se>
To: Bernard Vatant <bernard.vatant@mondeca.com>
CC: public-esw-thes@w3.org

Bernard Vatant wrote:
> Michael
>>Just as each XML language would specify what kinds of extensions are allowed,
>>each SKOS concept scheme will specify what policy rules it follows.
> That's an interesting idea, but can you provide any clue on how you would envision such a
> specification?

Couldn't you just leave my comment there, not further specified? ;-)

> Unformal documentation? Formal attributes on the skos:ConceptScheme element? Both?
> Anything else?

Well, most organizations and systems certainly have some kind of 
unformal/human-readable documentation of their policy.

Encoding them in RDF is certainly possible, but my point is (I suppose) 
that this is a very different problem, and would require detailed study 
  and research into different kinds of policies/versioning 
systems/standardization organizations in order to be useful. Worthwhile, 
and very relevant for most users of SKOS, but out of scope for SKOS 
proper, probably (hopefully).

Or at least that's my take on it.


Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

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