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Coding multi-user email address verification - Collaborate with E-Democracy

From: Steven Clift <clift@e-democracy.org>
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 14:43:39 -0500
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Contact Bill.Bushey@e-democracy.org to get connected to this work ...
long story short, we've built an infrastructure to allow in-person
outreach to be integrated with online engagement. This is one piece of
the code we'd like to share.

Steven Clift

From: Bill Bushey <wbushey@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 1:37 PM
Subject: [cfabrigade] Interest in a multi-user email address verifier?
To: "brigade@codeforamerica.org" <brigade@codeforamerica.org>

Hi All,

The non-profit I work for, E-Democracy.org, runs online forums and
places significant effort in gathering new signups to these forums via
in-person outreach and paper (yes, good old paper has its uses).

In order to help with this, we've written a set of scripts that run on
Google App Engine to manage the testing of email addresses collected
on paper. The scripts send an email to gathered email addresses to
both allow the address owner to opt out and to test if the address
will bounce. The scripts then track any received bounces and opt outs,
and refer information on any opt outs and bounces to the person who
initially submitted those addresses so they can be correct. The end
result is a set of CSVs that did not bounce or opt out after two days
and are ready to upload to a listserv/group/social platform.

Before building this set of scripts, we did a search and were
surprised to find that no tool already existed to do this type of
email testing and reporting of results. Certainly a lot of
communications platforms will do bounce and optout detection, but we
really wanted something that would report results back to the original
submitter, as well as something independent of any given platform.
Obviously we see value in this type of tool, and we suspect that other
individuals and organizations that want to build membership via
in-person events can also use this tool.

The source for this is on GitHub and it's GPL3. But in my opinion, it
needs a bit more work to truly be ready for announcement as an open
source project (much of the content and fields of interest are hard
coded and E-Democracy specific, some documentation needs to be
written, etc...). So, before spending time and money to make this
project more welcoming as an open source project, I wanted to confirm
our suspicion that others would be interested in this type of tool.

So, does anybody on the list want a set of scripts that helps them
test a bunch of email addresses for optouts and bounces?


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