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Re: what do you mean, e-gov?

From: Mick Phythian <mick.phythian@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 08:52:47 +0100
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To: Kris Dev <krisdev@gmail.com>
Cc: paoladimaio10@googlemail.com, "eGov IG (Public)" <public-egov-ig@w3.org>
Kris, I like your idea but that's direct democracy. Most of us are in
representative democracies and hence my saying a definition may be required
if we are to use terms like e-democracy or e-governance.

E-governance can also be used to automate administrative roles within a
representative democracy or direct one.


Mick http://greatemancipator.com
On 3 May 2012 04:40, Kris Dev <krisdev@gmail.com> wrote:

> Paola,
> Governance is primarily to exercise control  - an imperial terminology to
> exercise sovereign authority as below:
> *1. * To make and administer the public policy and affairs of; exercise
> sovereign authority in.
> *2. * To control the speed or magnitude of; regulate: a valve that
> governs fuel intake.
> *3. * To control the actions or behavior of: Govern yourselves like
> civilized people.
> *4. * To keep under control; restrain: a student who could not govern his
> impulses.
> *5. * To exercise a deciding or determining influence on: Chance usually
> governs the outcome of the game.
> *6. * *Grammar* To require (a specific morphological form) of
> accompanying words.
> *v.**intr.*
> *1. * To exercise political authority.
> *2. * To have or exercise a determining influence.
> To me e-Gov is EGO Governance!!
> I would personally like to move away from the word Governance to Self-Rule
> or Self-Administration - of the people, by the people, for the people.
> For this to happen everyone should have a right to voice their opinion and
> vote on anything that could affect them (future), affects them (present)
> and affected them (past) and be heard by the collective. This would
> necessitate Transparency in all dealings for Accountability. Nothing should
> be a secret and done on the sly. All public activities must be transparent
> for all to see, challenged and defended. Right should prevail over wrong.
> This would discourage anyone from indulging in any wrong activity and even
> if they do, leave an indelible audit trail for tracking and be held
> accountable at any time.
> How do others react to this?
> Kris Dev.
> On 25 April 2012 00:39, Paola Di Maio <paola.dimaio@gmail.com> wrote:
>> For those who have been around the last twenty years or any
>> subset thereof, the question is not new. We each seem to
>> use the same word with different meanings (anyone else laughing
>> hysterically at this point?)
>> I was recently giving a talk and providing my own definition(s), and
>> would have liked
>> to point to the W3C definition of egov. But I could not remember whether
>> we agreed on one, and where it can be accessed.  Admittedly I have been
>> away a lot lately.
>> For example,  for me egovernance applies to both
>> the governance of civil society institutions (presumably the governance
>> democratic institutions that are ruled by first principles, and the
>> universal declaration of human rights, although in reality there may not be
>> many governments that do so), as well as the governance of online
>> communities, whereby the information and decisions are mediated by online
>> technologies, or something like that. But not sure if this has been
>> discussed
>> I do not remember any such discussions on list. Is it my memory failing
>> me again?
>> Any threads/uri's someone could kindly repost if these questions have
>> already been asked?
>>  if not, i would invite the IG Chairs to start off with some proposed
>> definitions, either on list or on wiki page possibly one for each term in
>> our shared vocabulary, (wiki? url......), then  members (other than pure
>> lurkers) could introduce themseles and get their active participation in the
>> group going by entering their own definitions/variations, with possibly a
>> link to their profile
>> so that we can start getting to know each other meaningfully?:-)
>> sincerely
>> PDM

Mick Phythian PhD

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