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The Right to be Forgotten by All the Right People

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Apologies for the cross post.

The Lake Gatun Model of Mixed Social/Professional Events

A volume of water, with unclassified
plankton is analogous to a dataset over a span of time.  When the
water, and anything floating or swimming around it falls it obeys
Newton's Laws of Motion.

The primary data collection method of
web crawling is variable frequency Filter-Feeding.  In the real
world, there are considerable differences in collecting a sample volume
of fresh water and salt water by this method.

Lake Gatun is the power storage
(battery) for the Panama Canal.  With the analogy to data as some 
volume of water, the properties of Lake Gatun are unique, and
precious.  A sample of water in Lake Gatun is at its highest
potential energy and enjoys a free ride downhill to either the
Pacific or the Caribbean.  As data, this is to say that linking and
internal semantics are invariant with the flow.  The data has the
best possible integrity, if not in its original package, not far
removed, never filtered, and relatively unexposed to filter-feeders.
Fresh water filter-feeders are predominantly bottom-feeders.  Salt
water filter-feeders include large, free swimming marine mammals. 
Breathing on top and eating on the bottom is a lot of extra work.

The Lake Gatun Model is three
dimensional, that is (Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean via the Caribbean Sea, Lake Gatun elevation above sea level).  As a model
for a mixed social/professional event, a database is kept for the
data.  Documents related to the event are available to
Filter-Feeders, published in full  during the event and published in
redacted form before and after.  The model is blogger and tweeter
friendly since it reflects contemporaneous commentary only.  Specific
local data about organizations (weather forecasts, hotel lists, etc.) need not be

The D2RQ server[1] is used on the database
to provide linked data displays, triple dumps, etc.;  stored procedures are used to generate
the “public” documents for filter-feeders.  Some explanatory pictures are available[2].


[1] http://d2rq.org/
[2] http://www.rustprivacy.org/2012/weather/privacy-policy.pdf
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