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RE: Group Note -- content and sections outline [forwarding note to DL on request from Jose]

From: Owen Ambur <Owen.Ambur@verizon.net>
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To reinforce Tanya's point about accountability, the Council for Excellence
in Government (CEG) conducted a series of polls on eGov, and for three years
in a row, the top benefit cited by members of the public was accountability.

Unfortunately, CEG has broken the link I have been providing at
http://xml.gov/index.asp#Important  However, their announcement is available

BTW, to me, the terms "accountability" and "transparency" are euphemisms for
the actual requirement, which is good and complete records that: a) are
readily available to stakeholders on the Web, and b) have the attributes
outlined in ISO 15489:  integrity, reliability, usability, and authenticity.

Unfortunately, the powers-that-be are incredibly resistant to the
implementation and use of information systems that create and maintain
records having those attributes, and techie folks remain in a state of
denial as they continue to be more interested in creating more "cool"
features than in meeting the underlying requirements.  Based upon years of
frustrating experience in the U.S. federal bureaucracy, my working
assumption is that there are deep-seated psychological factors inveighing
against the use of such systems.  Exploration of those factors is the focus
of the ongoing series of papers I have posted at
http://ambur.net/index.html#recordkeeping  The next in the series will
address rumor psychology.


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I don't think the governance/public sector angle has come through
For instance transparency, participation and accountability, are, from the
governance angle, key advantages to using technology in government.  

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