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Re: Multi-Channel Section rewiewed

From: Miguel A. Amutio Gómez <miguel.amutio@map.es>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 09:29:04 +0200
Message-ID: <49EEC740.10406@map.es>
To: Catherine Roy <croy@communautique.qc.ca>
CC: "Jose M. Alonso" <josema@w3.org>, "Ken Fischer ClickForHelp.com" <ken@clickforhelp.com>, eGovIG <public-egov-ig@w3.org>
Hi Catherine,

Thank you very much for your helpful comments.
I review the text and distribute a new version.

Best regards,
Miguel A.

Catherine Roy escribió:
> Hi Miguel,
> I have read your latest draft and wish to thank you for your work. I 
> also wish to share several comments with you and this group.
> Under the heading "What is Multi-Channel Delivery?"
> 1rst paragraph:
> "Multi-channel service delivery is the provision of services through 
> different networks, terminal devices or platforms and interfaces, in 
> an integrated and coordinated way, with comparable levels of user 
> friendliness." I wonder about the use of the term "user friendliness". 
> Perhaps add the term "usability" ?
> 5th paragraph:
> "These new electronic channels require the adoption of new 
> architectures and systems able to provide the top of their 
> functionalities." Do you mean to provide "the maximum of their 
> functionalities" or something else ?
> 7th paragraph:
> "Governments should clearly take into account distribution and 
> accessibility options which do not pose barriers which would result in 
> a decrease the amount of information distribution or services 
> provided." This phrase needs to be polished a bit but I am unclear 
> what is meant by "accessibility options". Could you please clarify ? 
> Do you mean access or accessibility ?
> Under the heading "What are the Main Benefits of Multi-Channel 
> Delivery?*"
> *1rst bullet:
> "An increase of flexibility in terms of anytime, anywhere, anyhow and 
> accessibility for the user." Again, what is meant by accessibility in 
> this item ?
> Under the heading "How Can Multi-Channel Delivery Be Achieved?"
> Following the bullet "Mobile Web: including Device Description 
> Repository Simple API, Device Description Repository Core Vocabulary":
> "Using the Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 [W3C-MOBILE]: Design for One 
> Web, rely on Web standards, stay away from known hazards, be cautious 
> of device limitations, optimize navigation, check graphics & colors, 
> keep it small, use the network sparingly, help & guide user input, 
> think of users on the go. And verify the result [W3C-VALIDATOR]."
> I do not understand why this paragraph gives technical advice in such 
> detail. It is out of place and it should be sufficient to simply point 
> to the related BP document.
> Under the sub-heading "General requirements of the user and of the 
> provider"
> "General requirements of the user, as pointed out in [EC-MCD]: 
> flexibility, accessibility, usability (easy to use), quality, 
> security." Again, what is meant by accessibility in this item ?
> Under the heading "Access to eGovernment services and information"
> The 3rd bulleted paragraph:
> I must remind members of this group that disability is an important 
> aspect with regards to the Digital Divide. Whilst the definition cited 
> from wikipédia does not include this dimension, there is sufficient 
> material out there to illustrate this.
> The 8th paragraph:
> "Other strategies include facilitating free Internet enabled computers 
> at libraries and kiosks, widely available to citizens for free at 
> public locations; (...)". While this is outside of my main interests 
> with regards to this document, I would like to say that I am extremely 
> pleased that we are mentioning these very important and much needed 
> initiatives.
> Under the sub-heading "Conditions about the reuse of government 
> information"
> Second paragraph for the bulleted item "Fair distribution":
> "It may be interesting for governments and for the users of their 
> services and information to consider, for instance wide, distribution 
> environments such as social networks."
> It would be pertinent to add a warning about the use of these social 
> networks with regards to privacy, reliability and, most notably, 
> accessibility barriers they may present to disabled users and so 
> therefore not to rely only on these environments for distribution of 
> data.
> Finally, as a general comment, I feel that a lot of emphasis is put on 
> mobile technologies in this whole section. While I understand that 
> this is increasingly an important method of distribution and can be 
> very useful in developping and transitional countries, I would like to 
> remind members of this group that mobile technologies pose 
> accessibility barriers to certain people with disabilities and I would 
> like to see a bit more balance with regards to other means of delivery.
> Best regards,
> Catherine
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