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RE: applications and vocabularies enabling public debates

From: Owen Ambur <Owen.Ambur@verizon.net>
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 15:54:05 -0400
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I inferred a strategic plan from the information provided at
http://debategraph.org/ and rendered it in Strategy Markup Language
(StratML) format for inclusion in our collection at
http://xml.gov/stratml/index.htm#Other or, more specifically,


It is the 472nd plan indexed in Mark Logic's StratML search service
prototype -- http://xml.gov/stratml/index.htm#SearchServices -- in which it
currently ranks 1st among 33 referencing the term "debate".


The prospective purposes of the emerging StratML standard are outlined at
http://xml.gov/stratml/index.htm#DefinitionPurposes  Under the auspices of
AIIM, we aim to establish it as an international voluntary consensus
standard for potential use by all organizations worldwide.


It will be interesting to see whether Debategraph can be productively used
to enable stakeholders to provide feedback on the strategic goals and
objectives of organizations whose missions and values are of interest to


Owen Ambur

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Subject: RE: applications and vocabularies enabling public debates


Hi David and All,
It would be very interesting having a look of the public ontology that you
use or could implement based on your data model. I didn't find any document
about that ontology on the Debategraph site. Are you going to implement it ?
And in which language RDFS, OWL ? Do you have any plan to set up a SPARQL
endpoint other than the API in order to make queries over the maps? 


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Subject: Re: applications and vocabularies enabling public debates
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 14:15:03 +0100

Thanks, Vassilios and Luigi. 


A couple of quick updates:


(1) We are working on an API to open up the public maps - and I would
welcome feedback from the group on any specific characteristics / features
you would like to see with / from the API.


(2) It is straightforward for us to implement different ontologies in
Debategraph (in addition to the public one we have three more operating
behind the scenes - as part of our internal architecture). So if anyone is
interested in experimenting with this, let me know. We plan to add a UI soon
to allow you to define and implement your own ontologies directly via the


Finally, if anyone is D.C. based and would like to meet, I'll be in
Washington towards the end of this month. 




David Price



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