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Re: Draft minutes 14 December 2011

From: <Frederick.Hirsch@nokia.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 17:50:52 +0000
To: <jsoref@rim.com>
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Correction: the minutes approval resolution should read: "RESOLUTION: Minutes of 30 November Meeting are Approved"

Last resolution should probably read "RESOLUTION: No call 21 December" instead of "RESOLUTION: No call next week" (though both are effectively the same)

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch

On Dec 14, 2011, at 12:10 PM, ext Josh Soref wrote:

> Attached are Draft minutes from today's teleconference, 14 December 2011, for approval at our next meeting (4 January 2012).
> regards, Josh
> Josh Soref
> First, if people haven't managed to teach Zakim about their phone number, there's a form [1] to add your number / name mapping (this will save you effort later).
> As a minor footnote, the scripts are fairly intelligent, so there are some things that one doesn't need to do. If you're called into the telcon via Zakim (and have at some point done "zakim, aaaa is me" or "zakim, ??p1 is Josh_Soref" [2] (or used the form [1]), you don't need to do Present+, as Zakim does it for you (according to the name you gave Zakim when you introduced yourself) -- generally the present+ requirement is more for F2F where you *aren't* calling in (and thus Zakim can't help you out -- unless someone has done "Zakim, BallRoom has John, James", "Zakim, Jim entered BallRoom", or "Zakim, Jill is with James" [3]). Thus, the following additional lines are added by me to the end of my input minutes for scribe.pl:
> Present- +
> Present- AnssiK
> Present- Cathy
> Present- Claes
> Present- Clarke
> Present- fjh
> Present- glenn
> Present- richt
> Present- darobin
> The first one is because Zakim is a bit silly (that's ok), the others are because otherwise each of the listed people would otherwise appear twice in attendees (once in full form, and once with the short nick which I'm removing above). As a note, I now use a script (it isn't perfect, but it's fairly clever, I've been trying to send it out but that's been painful) which produces the following output:
> Present:
> Anssi_Kostiainen        Bryan_Sullivan  Cathy_Chan      Claes_Nilsson   Clarke_Stevens  Deepanshu_Gautam        dom     Dsr
> Dzung_Tran      Ernesto_Jimenez Frederick_Hirsch        Glenn_Adams     Josh_Soref      Nigil   Pieter  Rich_Tibbett
> Robin_Berjon    Russell_Berkoff(Samsung)
> Speakers:
> AnssiK  bryan   Cathy   Claes   Clarke  darobin Deepanshu       dom
> dsr     fjh     Josh_Soref      richt
> Anssi_Kostiainen:
>        AnssiK
> Bryan_Sullivan:
>        bryan
> Cathy_Chan:
>        Cathy
> Claes_Nilsson:
>        Claes
> Clarke_Stevens:
>        Clarke
> Deepanshu_Gautam:
>        Deepanshu
> dom:
>        dom
> Dsr:
>        dsr
> Frederick_Hirsch:
>        fjh
> Josh_Soref:
>        Josh_Soref
> Rich_Tibbett:
>        richt
> Robin_Berjon:
>        darobin
> Not definitively identified as speaking:
> Dzung_Tran      Ernesto_Jimenez Glenn_Adams     Nigil   Pieter  Russell_Berkoff(Samsung)
> Humans more or less perform the same magic when reading minutes or irc logs. It can complain about ambiguity, such as when sicking + timeless are both scribed as 'JS' (but only when we're both present+ by our real names) or ArtB and AdrianBa are both scribed as 'AB'. When it produces output that's confusing, I work to adjust the minutes so that this confusion wouldn't arise.
> [1] https://www.w3.org/1998/12/bridge/info/name.php3
> [2] http://www.w3.org/2001/12/zakim-irc-bot.html#callers 
> [3] http://www.w3.org/2001/12/zakim-irc-bot.html#attendance
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