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RE: Hanging the APIs off navigator.device

From: <richard.tibbett@orange-ftgroup.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 12:41:25 +0100
Message-ID: <16420_1263210087_4B4B0E67_16420_2454_1_355A518BC0575547B2A3D6773AAF8EEF7C43BF@ftrdmel1>
To: <stewart.brodie@antplc.com>, <public-device-apis@w3.org>
On 7th Jan 2010 at 5:09pm, Stewart Brodie wrote:
> [for reference]
> > > 1. navigator.device.dahut.graze()
> > > 2. navigator.device.dahutGraze()
> > > 3. navigator.device.graze()
> > > 4. navigator.dahut.graze()
> I consider option 4 to be the worst option of all.  Options 1 
> and 4 are actually the same except for the navigator 
> pollution issue, but I think that that would be a serious 
> mistake, for no good reason.

I also believe option 1 is the best approach based on the reduced
pollution of the navigator object. 

However I have some doubts about 'device' being the suitable naming of
this sub-interface.

I'd prefer any one of the following:


I have no particular preference on one of these four names...just that
they may be more suitable than navigator.device.dahut.graze().



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