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Re: From Raymond Sonoff --- "RE: Last Call on mobileOK Basic Tests [deadline extended!]"

From: Sean Owen <srowen@google.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 11:24:40 -0400
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Thanks Raymond for the comments. I'm adding them to the list of all
the last-call comments that we're processing, so that we can get back
a more official reply from everyone. I think your points are quite

I didn't see any comments on one-web or adaptation here unless I
missed part of the original e-mail so I assume this is a separate


On 3/14/07, Luca Passani <luca.passani@openwave.com> wrote:
> I suspect you got the wrong list and wanted to post this to public-bpwg.
> Anyway, those limits are created to make sure that a BP page is viewable on
> low end devices, so you cannot simply raise the limits, or you would make
> the page inaccessible to millions and millions of potential mobile users.
> Also, I suspect you are being fooled by the one web idea promoted by W3C. No
> mobile web practitioners will tell you that one can create a web page that
> will work acceptably well on feature phones. You need to create separate
> versions: a web site and a .mobi site which complies to a styleguide of your
> choice.
> http://www.fiercedeveloper.com/story/editor-s-corner/2007-03-13
> Luca
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> From: public-ddwg-request@w3.org [mailto:public-ddwg-request@w3.org] On
> Behalf Of Raymond Sonoff
> Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 7:35 PM
> To: public-ddwg@w3.org
> Cc: scsi001@sonoffconsulting.com
> Subject: From Raymond Sonoff --- "RE: Last Call on mobileOK Basic Tests
> [deadline extended!]"
> Tuesday, March 13, 2007 2:20 p.m. EDT
> To Whom It May Concern:
> Listed below are some specifics that I suggest be considered either as
> candidates for possible modifications to or extensions of the existing
> mobileOK Basic Tests. The specific Web site for which I am seeking to
> achieve MobileOK status is at URL address http://sonoffconsulting.mobi/.
> NOTE: The top-level "dotMobi" domain's contents will be a pared-down version
> of its counterpart, namely: the long-established
> http://sonoffconsulting.com/ Web site which was designed to Web standards
> and which exemplifies conformance to W3C's XHTML, CSS, and WCAG (priority
> levels 1, 2, and 3, inclusive) recommendations on each and every page within
> the sonoffconsulting.com domain.
> 1. Increase the Page Limits from 10K for markup to at least 20K (preferably
> 40K), along with a commensurate increase for the total Page Limit to at
> least 40K.
> 2. Allow for accesskey combinations to be used beyond just the ten (10)
> numeric values.
> 3. Allow for incorporating hyperlinks to external (non-mobileOK) Web site's
> pages.
> 1. I wish to provide more than a token amount of content to anyone who
> accesses any Web site that I develop, refine, and make available to
> visitors, users, clients, prospects, or customers to those Web sites.
> Providing alternative text, title text, and wanting to offer two Cascading
> Style Sheets (one for the screen; the second, for print-related operations
> -- as are currently exemplified for all Web pages in the
> sonoffconsulting.com domain), the current upper limits are overly
> restrictive and something has to be sacrificed (unnecessarily, I feel) to
> pass that test element. QUESTION: Why not allow for the multi-CSS
> stylesheets to allow for "intelligent word-wrapped" printing as a Web Best
> Practice for everyone to incorporate into their Web site designs?
> 2. I currently employ thirty-six (36) accesskey combinations on the
> sonoffconsulting.com domain, and these keyboard productivity-focused
> offerings cannot be incorporated into the sonoffconsulting.mobi domain --
> even if the present Page Limits were not already a major factor. QUESTION:
> Why are only numeric keys supported when mobile device-based productivity
> through the use of SmartPhones, PDAs, EDAs, etc. would be an obvious move up
> from the basic mobile (cell) phone?
> 3. I may not be correct on the way that I stated this third request, but it
> appears from what I understand or interpret as the status of MWBP Testing
> results that external-to-the-.mobi-Web-site-domain pages are expected to be
> mobileOK-focused as well, are checked by W3C's MobileOK Best Practices
> Checker software, and failure, of course. If this is a correct
> interpretation, then I feel that this restriction from allowing hyperlinks
> to other Web site's should be removed or in some way modified. The best
> example I can give for where this situation seems not to be a reasonable one
> is that hyperlinks to sonoffconsulting.com-based Web pages are not
> considered acceptable yet they pass the above-stated conditions that reflect
> a superset of the mobileOK Basic tests.
> QUESTION: Could someone within the W3C community please run with this set of
> requests and advise all interested parties as to the merits or reasons for
> rejecting one or more of the above requests?
> Thank you for your time and attention to this request.
> Raymond
> Raymond Sonoff, President
> Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc.
> 271 Saxony Drive
> Crestview Hills, KY 41017
> Bus. Tel. No.:   859.261.5908
> Mobile Phone: 859.630.9568
> Scsi P&KT Web site URL: http://sonoffconsulting.com/
> Gen'l e-mail: info@sonoffconsulting.com
> Corp. e-mail scsi001@sonoffconsulting.com
> Scsi P&KT Mobile Web Site URL: http://sonoffconsulting.mobi/
> Mobile-mail: info@sonoffconsulting.mobi
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