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RE: From Raymond Sonoff --- "RE: Last Call on mobileOK Basic Tests [deadline extended!]"

From: Luca Passani <luca.passani@openwave.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 10:41:43 +0100
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I suspect you got the wrong list and wanted to post this to public-bpwg.

Anyway, those limits are created to make sure that a BP page is viewable on
low end devices, so you cannot simply raise the limits, or you would make
the page inaccessible to millions and millions of potential mobile users.

Also, I suspect you are being fooled by the one web idea promoted by W3C. No
mobile web practitioners will tell you that one can create a web page that
will work acceptably well on feature phones. You need to create separate
versions: a web site and a .mobi site which complies to a styleguide of your



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Subject: From Raymond Sonoff --- "RE: Last Call on mobileOK Basic Tests
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007 2:20 p.m. EDT

To Whom It May Concern:

Listed below are some specifics that I suggest be considered either as
candidates for possible modifications to or extensions of the existing
mobileOK Basic Tests. The specific Web site for which I am seeking to
achieve MobileOK status is at URL address http://sonoffconsulting.mobi/.
NOTE: The top-level "dotMobi" domain's contents will be a pared-down version
of its counterpart, namely: the long-established
http://sonoffconsulting.com/ Web site which was designed to Web standards
and which exemplifies conformance to W3C's XHTML, CSS, and WCAG (priority
levels 1, 2, and 3, inclusive) recommendations on each and every page within
the sonoffconsulting.com domain.

1. Increase the Page Limits from 10K for markup to at least 20K (preferably
40K), along with a commensurate increase for the total Page Limit to at
least 40K.
2. Allow for accesskey combinations to be used beyond just the ten (10)
numeric values.
3. Allow for incorporating hyperlinks to external (non-mobileOK) Web site's

1. I wish to provide more than a token amount of content to anyone who
accesses any Web site that I develop, refine, and make available to
visitors, users, clients, prospects, or customers to those Web sites.
Providing alternative text, title text, and wanting to offer two Cascading
Style Sheets (one for the screen; the second, for print-related operations
-- as are currently exemplified for all Web pages in the
sonoffconsulting.com domain), the current upper limits are overly
restrictive and something has to be sacrificed (unnecessarily, I feel) to
pass that test element. QUESTION: Why not allow for the multi-CSS
stylesheets to allow for "intelligent word-wrapped" printing as a Web Best
Practice for everyone to incorporate into their Web site designs?
2. I currently employ thirty-six (36) accesskey combinations on the
sonoffconsulting.com domain, and these keyboard productivity-focused
offerings cannot be incorporated into the sonoffconsulting.mobi domain --
even if the present Page Limits were not already a major factor. QUESTION:
Why are only numeric keys supported when mobile device-based productivity
through the use of SmartPhones, PDAs, EDAs, etc. would be an obvious move up
from the basic mobile (cell) phone?
3. I may not be correct on the way that I stated this third request, but it
appears from what I understand or interpret as the status of MWBP Testing
results that external-to-the-.mobi-Web-site-domain pages are expected to be
mobileOK-focused as well, are checked by W3C's MobileOK Best Practices
Checker software, and failure, of course. If this is a correct
interpretation, then I feel that this restriction from allowing hyperlinks
to other Web site's should be removed or in some way modified. The best
example I can give for where this situation seems not to be a reasonable one
is that hyperlinks to sonoffconsulting.com-based Web pages are not
considered acceptable yet they pass the above-stated conditions that reflect
a superset of the mobileOK Basic tests. 

QUESTION: Could someone within the W3C community please run with this set of
requests and advise all interested parties as to the merits or reasons for
rejecting one or more of the above requests? 

Thank you for your time and attention to this request.


Raymond Sonoff, President
Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc.
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Crestview Hills, KY 41017
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Mobile Phone: 859.630.9568

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