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RE: Question on Microsoft's min-width-percentage-003.xht test

From: Arron Eicholz <Arron.Eicholz@microsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2010 00:51:26 +0000
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The point of the test case is to prove that the spec can actually be tested. All these tests are not necessarily written to test user agents they are first written to prove that a case can be written to actually see if it is feasible to get into the situation. This is such a case.

The test is testing the specific assertion in the specification; though the pass condition text is incorrect. The pass conditions should state "Test passes if there is anything displayed below." I have just updated the test case with the updated pass conditions.

Note if we remove this case then we need a case that can prove that the text in the spec is valid. Or we need to remove the text since it isn't testable. If you can think of a better test than this great please submit it. At this point however this test covers the line in the spec.

Arron Eicholz

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I would like to understand why such test. If the test assert says

If the containing block's width depends on this element's width, then the resulting layout is undefined.

(which is also what CSS 2.1 section 10.4 http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/visudet.html#min-max-widths
is saying)

then what is such test testing exactly? What's the point (value,
usefulness) of such test?

If the words "Filler Text" are not there in some user agent, then how does such absence constitute a failure or some sort of spec violation?

Am I missing something?

regards, Gérard
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