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[Bug 18436] Re-add support for skew()

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Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2012 15:38:49 +0000
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--- Comment #11 from Sylvain Galineau <sylvaing@microsoft.com> 2012-08-01 15:38:49 UTC ---

> (In reply to comment #9)
> > The function doesn't make sense, but it's required for compat.  So require
> > support but note in the spec that it doesn't make sense and authors shouldn't
> > use it.  This is no different from tons of web features that are
> > stupid/useless/redundant/bad ideas/etc. but that we spec and keep forever for
> > compat.  Like, say, quirks mode.  This is probably only a handful of lines of
> > code to keep, so it's not worth trying to get rid of if there are nontrivial
> > compat issues, which there are.
> Even if not happy, I am fine with adding it again.

Aryeh's suggestion is interesting i.e. we could mark the feature as deprecated;
UAs need to implement those for compat but it'd be explicitly called out as 'do
not use' for authors. It may seeem weird or awkward to come out with a
deprecated feature in a new spec but I'd rather be pragmatic.

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