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Re: DIF media coverage

From: MosesMa <moses.ma@futurelabconsulting.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2018 20:16:27 -0800
To: public-credentials@w3.org, Daniel.Buchner@microsoft.com, Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>
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Hi Manu,

I believe that DIDs will change the world, and we need to get beyond 
divisive issues and discord so we can insure a show of unity.

The reason I really wanted /you/ to speak at the Blockchain West 
conference, at my panel on DIDs, was to join Daniel in presenting a 
unified message of collaborative spirit to the world. Since you and 
Drummond can't be there, it'll be up to Joe to express the nuances and 
provenance of innovation accurately.

Also, Manu, you really can't fault a company for wanting to make itself 
look better. It's natural, like survival instinct. All we can do is a 
better job at getting our own stories out there, quickly and more 
accurately and in a compelling way. Specifically, if you, Drummond, 
Daniel and Joe, as well as the other early contributors, could spend 10 
minutes each entering your rough thoughts into the survey, it will help 
me organize the chapter /before/ RWOT. If that happens, I'll be able to 
finish a first pass of "The History of the Decentralized ID Movement" 
before RWOT, so we can spend time there editing and correcting the paper.

Therefore, if you have time - and I mean ALL of you - please contribute 
your memories here, so I can get as many viewpoints included as 
possible: *http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4162124/DID-chapter-contribution*

If you don't have time, just let me know so we can set aside some time 
at RWOT, to interview you and collect your thoughts about the history 
and future of DIDs.


PS, a big thanks to Adrian Gropper, Kaliya Young and Markus Sabadello 
for their contributions. Really compelling perspectives!

On 2/16/18 7:00 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:
> """
> For the past year we [Microsoft] have been participating in the
> Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) with individuals and
> organizations who are similarly motivated to take on this challenge. We
> are collaboratively developing the following key components:
> * Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) – a W3C spec that defines a common
> document format for describing the state of a Decentralized Identifier
> * Identity Hubs – an encrypted identity datastore that features
> message/intent relay, attestation handling, and identity-specific
> compute endpoints.
> * Verifiable Credentials – a W3C spec that defines a document format for
> encoding DID-based attestations.
> """[1]
> No mention of W3C VCWG or W3C CCG (other than links to the specs), no
> mention of IIW, no mention of RWoT.
> I leave it there w/o comment as we're all earmarking time to discuss how
> DIF/Microsoft messaging is happening at RWoT and IIW.
> -- manu
> [1]https://www.bitcoinisle.com/2018/02/15/decentralized-digital-identities-and-blockchain-the-future-as-we-see-it/

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