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Verifiable Claims Telecon Minutes for 2016-03-08

From: <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2016 12:01:50 -0500
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To: Web Payments IG <public-webpayments-ig@w3.org>, Credentials CG <public-credentials@w3.org>
Thanks to Matt Stone for scribing this week! The minutes
for this week's Verifiable Claims telecon are now available:


Full text of the discussion follows for W3C archival purposes.
Audio from the meeting is available as well (link provided below).

Verifiable Claims Telecon Minutes for 2016-03-08

  1. Draft Charter Proposal
  2. Material for W3C Advisory Committe Meeting at MIT
  3. Use Cases Document
  4. Expected Timeline for VCTF Charter Review
Action Items:
  1. John Tibbetts to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.
  2. Dan Burnett to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.
  3. dezell Ezell to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.
  4. Matt Stone to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.
  5. Eric Korb to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.
  Manu Sporny
  Matt Stone
  Matt Stone, Manu Sporny, John Tibbetts, Daniel C. Burnett, David 
  Ezell, Eric Korb, Shane McCarron, Dave Longley, Peter Hofman, 
  Colleen Kennedy, Jim Goodell, David I. Lehn, Jason Weaver, Rob 
  Trainer, Stuart Sutton, Bill DeLorenzo

Matt Stone is scribing.

Topic: Draft Charter Proposal

Manu Sporny: http://w3c.github.io/vctf/charter/proposal.html
Manu Sporny:  Hoping to circulate charter at upcoming AC meeting
Manu Sporny:  Anyone sent in review comments?
Crickets... only Ian Jacobs.
Manu Sporny:   Need more focus on the charter - please review by 
John Tibbetts: I'll respond by Friday
Daniel C. Burnett: Manu, I have skimmed but will review by Friday
David Ezell:   Thank you for all the work"  -- there are a couple 
  places where charter could be more assertive and others where it 
  may be over assertive

ACTION: John Tibbetts to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.

ACTION: Dan Burnett to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.

David Ezell:  Eg: protocol should do "such and such" may be 
  better to read "could" unless it's a real requirement
Eric Korb: Should or could to "may"?

ACTION: dezell Ezell to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.

ACTION: Matt Stone to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.

Eric Korb: Korb will review by Friday
Matt Stone:  I will review by friday as well

ACTION: Eric Korb to review VCTF Draft Charter by Friday.

Manu will move charter to webpayments IG space

Topic: Material for W3C Advisory Committe Meeting at MIT

Manu Sporny:  Thinking it might be good to have small handouts of 
  overview and links?
Shane McCarron: No,  I am here - be on the call in a second
Manu Sporny:  Not getting anytime on the public timeline - not 
  doing breakout discussions in AC meeting.  will have to have 
  curbside discussions
Manu Sporny: 
David Ezell:  Handouts are unusual - if it's the size of the 
  business card it may be well received - as a marketing concept we 
  might want to make it a "verifiable claim" :)
Manu Sporny:  Should pull the IG in next week - timeline is VERY 
Manu Sporny:  Asking for "informal" review to socialize the 
  charter before the official review
Manu & dezell will discuss plan offline this week to get this on 
  the radar at AC
Manu Sporny:  If we have an artifact to circulate - we'll have 
  initial charter, minimal use cases, perhaps this business card 
  thing.  anything else?

Topic: Use Cases Document

Manu Sporny: http://w3c.github.io/webpayments-ig/VCTF/use-cases/
Manu Sporny:  Shane reviewed the use cases and winnowed it down 
  to use cases that support the focused charter - target about 6-8 
Shane McCarron:  Styled and edited so it's a more readable 
  narrative - needs a review from this group
Matt Stone: +1 On the diagrams.
Matt Stone:  Thanks for the diagrams, appreciate the addition of 
  those. [scribe assist by Manu Sporny]
John Tibbetts: I reviewed them probably while Shane was modifying 
Manu Sporny:  Concern that b/c it's so winnowed down - we haven't 
  gone through the exercise to map this to what we actually want 
  when the WG is done.
Manu Sporny:  Please read through the document with that in mind.
John Tibbetts:  The use cases for education are a less 
  compelling.  "i think a solid claim about something like an 
  electonic transcript" might be a scenario to add
Shane McCarron: 
Manu Sporny:  Looking for a scenario in section 4.1 where issuer 
  is focus?
Dave Longley: +1 To adding something about e-transcripts to 4.1.1
Shane McCarron: Okay that's great feedback john - thanks!
Dave Longley: +1 To adding it because it does highlight how this 
  is different from what you can already do with things like OpenID 
  Connect as John said
Dave Longley: Typo: "Credentials COmmunity Groups"
Dave Longley: (Errant capital 'O')
Dave Longley: (In the Intro)

Topic: Expected Timeline for VCTF Charter Review

Manu Sporny:  Neither use cases or charter are set in stone until 
  sent for offical review.  read and give feedback
Shane McCarron: Thanks for the typo comment dlongley - fixed in 
  my patch branch now
Manu Sporny:  Looks like late may/early june for review
Manu Sporny:  "If things go well in the socialization process"
David Ezell:  Would have more confidence if Eric had joined us 
  today - sound like a reasonable time frame.  needs enough meat in 
  it to warrant the activity
David Ezell:  Also make sure there aren't any bombshells and get 
  people in the IG to go on record in support of it
Shane McCarron: Sorry if I missed this - when are we planning to 
  circle back with the interviewees and survey respondents?
David Ezell:  "On record" really  means "supportive"
Manu Sporny: Shane, yes, we are circling back around w/ them.
Manu Sporny:  Will start filling out a FAQ before we go to 
  official review
Shane McCarron: Does it make sense to try to do anyting during 
  the F2F of the payments people in June?
David Ezell:  IG expressed interest in having a F2F this summer.  
  not sure where/when
David Ezell:  Perhaps in London during 2nd week of june
David Ezell:  It's a pretty good milestone to organize this 
Manu Sporny:  Anything else?  no? thanks all.  please complete 
  reviews by EOW
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