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RE: New draft of Coremob-2012 published, plus what's next

From: Josh Soref <jsoref@rim.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 20:03:15 +0000
To: Core Mobile <public-coremob@w3.org>
Message-ID: <957F1ECDA90E004B8DBDE23CFC94E3A33A5CDCDD@XMB103ECNC.rim.net>
Robert wrote:
> I feel that the network information, whilst it could be made available,
> is sufficiently likely to be misleading as to be unwise to be used by
> developers.  The only way to establish the connection quality is to
> connect to the server you want to speak to.  We've written more about the
> challenges of network state information at
> http://labs.ft.com/2012/08/navigator-online-here-be-dragons/

Tobie wrote:
> I'm sympathetic to the issue but the Network Info API is clearly the wrong
> way of looking at it, imho. I wrote more about this on the DAP mailing
> list recently[1]. If something along these lines (and also much shorter)
> would gather consensus, I'll happily add it to the doc.

I've been advocating this for a while. The only way to determine how good your connection to a server is, is to connect to the server and see how it performs.

I'd love to have a document that I could point people to which explains that. Outlining various ways in which other things don't work (misleading local links - WiFi hotspots, interesting remote links - great firewall of China, mixed links - VPNs, special bandwidth classes - 0.facebook.com, cached content), and explaining how one can get useful information for various classes (<video>, <audio>, Progress Events, XHR, WS:).

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