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Coremob Camera app hosting URL?

From: <tomomi.imura@nokia.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 03:08:34 +0000
To: <public-coremob-camera@w3.org>
Message-ID: <782CC27336BBDB42A1CAA641AF7CEAB5014E6216@008-AM1MPN2-083.mgdnok.nokia.com>
Hi guys,

The latest code in the coremob repo is almost ready for the demo. (I probably still need small tweaks and bug fixes).
I just added an icon too, but it is pretty ugly… I am not a visual designer, unfortunately…
Currently, everything under /vanilla is made for the demo, but I will rewrite/clean the app after MWC to make it more standard for documentations.

Now, I am wondering about deploying and the hosting URL-

I think we've talked about using the camera.coremob.org, but I forgot if it is for the WMC demo, or for the docs.
Should we just alias the coremob/camera/vanilla to the github repo?

Do we actually need to build the whole app with the server code too?
I thought the server would be separated and we're using CORS, but not sure how you did for the demo!
Also, what is the URL for the gallery so we can upload pics and test!

And IE10-
So there is no way the web app works on IE10 Mobile on WP8, so I have created a PhoneGap version.
The camera API works nicely, however, the WebView in WP is not the same as the IE10 so I needed to sacrificed some features like XHR2.
I can't find any way to upload blobs using the current PhoneGap APIs, so I needed to disable the "upload" feature :-(
If you have a WP8 device handy and would like to install the latest build, the cap file is at:


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 *  tomomi.imura@nokia.com
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