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Re: Your comments on WCAG 2.0 Last Call Draft of April 2006 (Issue ID: LC-712)

From: <Jaakko.Vilen@nordea.com>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 09:34:08 +0200
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(Issue ID: LC-712)

Regarding the reply to my comment on WCAG 2.0.

I must say I am somehow confused with the SC numbers, and cannot recall how they were earlier.
I am satisfied with the respond that SC 2.4.4 is level A, but would still request a higher priority for the user him/herself to be able to detect where the link leads to. Many assistive technology users do not know how to use their devices in the best way, and generally descriptive link texts is a very good way to improve usability. Level AAA criteria may be overlooked too lightly.

Thank you and good luck in finalising the guidelines!
Jaakko VilÚn

Part of Item:
Comment Type: TE
Comment (including rationale for proposed change):

I am doing a thesis study on electronic banking accessibility, and
have found that the link texts should be clearly descriptive alone.
The links are practically the most important element of most pages,
and this criterion should therefore be given priority level 1. In
electronic banking applications the same applies especially to
(submit) buttons.

Proposed Change:

The Success Criterion 2.4.5 should have priority level 1.

Response from Working Group:

We assume that this comment pertains to SC 2.4.8, "The purpose of each
link can be identified from the link.", rather than SC 2.4.6 (formerly
SC 2.4.5, "Titles, headings, and labels are descriptive.").

SC 2.4.8 is at level AAA because of the potential usability problems
introduced by requiring that the link text alone be sufficient. For
instance, in a table of links, repeating the table header information
in each cell makes the table much more difficult to use.

The basic requirement that assistive technology be able to determine
the purpose of the link is covered by SC 2.4.4. This success criterion
has been moved to level A.
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