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Re: [minutes] Tuesday 17 March 2009

From: Jeff Sonstein <jeffs@it.rit.edu>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 07:58:27 -0400
Message-Id: <B0F2E904-B296-4308-8134-992EEEEAFDB8@it.rit.edu>
To: public-bpwg@w3.org
On Mar 18, 2009, at 7:46 AM, Luca wrote:

> Hello Francois
> > CT discussions/resolutions were left for the F2F.
> I am a bit worried about this. [...]
> Unfortunately, it appears that all of those who represent this
> counter-viewpoint (including me, of course, but I am ot part of BPWG,
> anyway) will be unable to fly to the F2F

I believe teleconf arrangements are being made
so that physical presence is not needed to attend the mtg
(I cannot fly there either)

Francois: do I remember this correctly?


"The price we pay for the growth in egalitarianism
  offered by the Internet is the decentralised access
  to unedited stories. In this medium, contributions by
  intellectuals lose their power to create a focus."
- Jürgen Habermas -

Prof. Jeff Sonstein

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