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[minutes] Minutes of BPWG Telecon 2007-10-04

From: Jo Rabin <jrabin@mtld.mobi>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 16:15:24 +0100
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Please find attached the minutes of the BPWG Teleconference today,
copies to both public and member only lists as an interim measure.

The minutes may be found in HTML format at [1]


[1] http://www.w3.org/2007/10/04-bpwg-minutes.html

Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group Teleconference
4 Oct 2007


See also: IRC log

    DKA, Adam, SeanP, Jo, Abel, Shah, Ed_Mitukiewicz
    Alan, Bryan, Ignacio, Kai, Magnus, Michael_Smith, Robert_Finian,
Roland, Sean_Owen


    * Topics
         1. charter 2 approval
         2. HTML5 taskforce.
         3. Mobile Ajax Report
         4. Draft agenda for F2F
         5. Content Transformation Problem Statement Document.
    * Summary of Action Items



<trackbot-ng> Date: 04 October 2007

<DKA> Scribe: Adam

<DKA> scribenick: Adam
charter 2 approval

dan: charter 2 has been approved, when do we start running the new

jo: we are already running under new charter.

dan: referring to dominiques email.
... in order to remain in the group your rep must renominate you.
... jo and dan will write follow up email to remain reps to renominate.

<jo> ACTION: Dan to work with Jo and Mike to figure out rejoining the
group under new charter [recorded in

<trackbot-ng> Created ACTION-573 - Work with Jo and Mike to figure out
rejoining the group under new charter [on Daniel Appelquist - due

dan: as part of new charter we should make our member page public, etc.

jo: ed has an action on working our which parts need to be made public.

<jo> Ed's Action on Public vs Private

dan: reminds that we will be running in public from now on, please be
... Don't expect this to significantly affect how we work.
HTML5 taskforce.

jo: we don't have one.

dan: We said we would have one. Have had requests. Tabled until next F2F
... Looking for who will chair the HTML5 taskforce.

jo: Put this on the agenda for the F2F to reinvigorate it.
Mobile Ajax Report

Dan: Went very well, workshop report coming out soon. Will be published
to the W3C page for the workshop.
... What can we take out of the report and minutes which could inform
our work around rich mobile applications?
... Definitely some call for best-practices in this area. e.g. Scripting

Shah: Thought it was a good workshop, but not much feedback on Content
... Basic scripting thing makes sense to me.

Dan: Also take a look at css that works across a range of browsers.

Sean: Interesting discussions around device-side apis. Enough +1s to
doing some BP work around this area, but no specific suggestions.
... John Fariola's paper indicated that Open Ajax Alliance also
interested in this area so we should coordinate with them.
... We need to define our "deep-dive" areas because the field is broad.

Dan: Need to find consensus on what to look at. Suggests getting a lot
of ideas on the table and whittling down.

adam: asking about BP ajax to improve performance.

<SeanPatterson> Adam,, you've got the quotes from Sean and Shah

Dan: Is a possible candidate... There was a presentation on Google
Gears, but not clear whether we will address that or not because not
currently supported on mobile devices.
... Answers won't come from workshop, but use workshop to inform our own
prioritisations and discussions.
... OAA also wants to do some work in that space. Lets make sure that
there's alignment between the two groups.
Draft agenda for F2F

Jo: Can we address: MobileOK stuff, and Content Transformation Problem
Statement document afterwards.

Dan: We have a draft proposal for the F2F agenda...

<jo> Jo's suggested topics for F2F

I'm afraid I can't hear Dan very well anymore.

Dan: Item 2 on agenda, CT taskforce.
... Would like to agree output form TF at F2F.

Jo: Aim to progress guidelines to first public working draft.
... We won't have guidelines in time for the publication moritorium
(next week), but we could public first working draft in the week
following the F2F... And we'll need a resolution to do that.

Dan: We don't need a group resolution before the F2F then?

Jo: Hoping to get agreement from group to request... But haven't
published this to group yet.

Dan: We need to make request by thursday 11th.
... So we should make sure we get agreement to do this at next thurday's

Jo: Will send a pointer to the document to the whole group before then.

Dan: Where will we be with checker taskforce by F2F

Jo: We'll be at Beta.

Dan: We should schedule a demo of Checker. And try and get a lightening
talk at technical plenary.

Jo: Lightning talk decision is up to Sean.

Dan: Will look into whether that's a possibility.
... Accessibility Taskforce.

Jo: Will be at first public working draft.

Dan: Item 8 (charter 2 timescales and del) -- hoping that we can also
brainstorm things that could go into the phase 2 bp document.

Jo: Agreed.

Dan: Adding brainstorm phase 2 bp document to the agenda.

adam: won't be able to attend, will there be other opportunities to

Dan: Yes. Will be ongoing discussion, and also possible to IRC / call
into meeting.
... Next face-to-face: week of 3rd March is best week for Seoul F2F has
been proposed.

Jo: Need to fix on this and get some input on who will attend.
... Opened poll yesterday.
... Definitely will visit Seoul for liaison but a lot of people can't
come then we might have to have a spearate F2F

<jo> Action on poll

<jo> ACTION: DKA to edit the poll re attendance at spring 2008 F2F
[recorded in http://www.w3.org/2007/10/04-bpwg-minutes.html#action02]

<trackbot-ng> Sorry, couldn't find user - DKA
Content Transformation Problem Statement Document.

<jo> The Spring 2008 F2F Poll

Jo: People won't have had time to review now, so just sent it out for
next week.


Dan: AOB?
... Asking Ed about the public/private question?

Ed: Will summarise from the minutes our agreement and send it out.

Dan: Discussion included requirement for a members list mainly for
logistical discussion.

Jo: Essense of last wks conversation was: Charter 1 remains private
since it happened under charter 1. But starting afresh now.

Ed: Asks about the F2F agenda, to discuss impact of Ajax workshop?

Dan: Yes, on F2F agenda is to brainstorm what's in the group's remit,
and the Ajax workshop will form the basis for that.

<jo> BPWG Page

Dan: AOB?

Jo: Mobile-OK LC-3
... Outstanding issue on question of accept header point... We need to
make a resolution at some point as discussed on email that document
won't be updated.

Dan: Need to ask Mike to get those comments into the comment tracker.
... Will add this to next wk's agenda.
... AOB?

<jo> [thanks for scribing Adam!]

<edm> bye
Summary of Action Items
[NEW] ACTION: Dan to work with Jo and Mike to figure out rejoining the
group under new charter [recorded in
[NEW] ACTION: DKA to edit the poll re attendance at spring 2008 F2F
[recorded in http://www.w3.org/2007/10/04-bpwg-minutes.html#action02]
[End of minutes]
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