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RE: Source code review of translation

From: Velleman, Eric <evelleman@bartimeus.nl>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 22:29:53 +0100
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To: "Michael Cooper" <cooper@w3.org>, <public-auth-trans-nl@w3.org>
Hello Michael,
Thank you for the input. We are currently working on the translation and will update and check the code before we publish the final document.
Kindest regards,
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Van: public-auth-trans-nl-request@w3.org namens Michael Cooper
Verzonden: do 4-2-2010 15:35
Aan: public-auth-trans-nl@w3.org
Onderwerp: Source code review of translation

Review of http://www.accessibility.nl/internet/WCAG20/WCAG20.htm

The version referenced has validation errors. I found two types on quick review:

1) There are instances of code like 

<dt><a name="CAPTCHA" id="CAPTCHA">CAPTCHA</a></dt>
<dd><a name="CAPTCHA">The CAPTCHA Project, Carnegie Mellon University. 
The project is online at </a>
<a href="http://www.captcha.net" <http://www.captcha.net/> >http://www.captcha.net <http://www.captcha.net/> </a>.

The second <a name="CAPTCHA">... wrapped around the title shouldn't be there. This sort of problem occurs several times. 

2) There are also some stray empty <span> elements, some of which may be introduced for the translation and some may reflect English content that was moved.

These sorts of errors make it difficult to automatically integrate the Dutch version with other resources we have. Because they are examples of source-code changes, there may be other differences between the translated and English version that were less easy to spot. I think the document needs further review for technical and content accuracy.



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