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Minutes of W3C Audio WG Teleconference 2013-08-28

From: Olivier Thereaux <olivier.thereaux@bbc.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 12:22:53 +0000
To: Audio WG <public-audio@w3.org>
Message-ID: <EAE0F16F-1601-405F-85F6-AB66F2094CC3@bbc.co.uk>
Dear all,

The minutes of our latest teleconference, on 28th August 2014, are online at:

* progress on AudioWorker/ScriptProcessorNode

Need to assess whether the question by ROC was an objection, but the proposal is making progress. We are now thinking of providing a monkey patch to help transition.

There was also a discussion about changing AudioProcessingEvent to use float32arrays, change name, mark old one as deprecated.

* communication/education on AudioWorker and changes to SPN

ChrisW will write a blog post, and Olivier will talk to the W3C staff/comms team to get support (maybe a W3C news item?). It sounds like we will publish the new interface and publicise its use (also: console warnings) for a while before phasing out the old SPN.

* heartbeat pub

Agreement to freeze a draft of the web audio API spec into W3Cís /TR space as soon as we have a solid draft with the AudioWorker proposal. We will then work towards a /TR draft for web midi, assessing whether that should be a last call draft.

* suspend()/resume()/release() on AudioContext

No controversy, but we want to check with TAG that the release() method does not set a problematic precedent. 

* Increasing buffer for power consumption purposes

Seems we have a rough agreement in principle, API proposals yet to be discussed in depth


Jer asked about testing. Itís the next big work item after we solve the big architectural issues. 

* Next meeting

Tentative: 11th September.

Olivier Thereaux - BBC Internet Research and Future Services
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