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Re: New proposal for fixing race conditions

From: Jer Noble <jer.noble@apple.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2013 08:30:05 -0700
Cc: public-audio@w3.org, WG <public-audio@w3.org>
Message-id: <9A6B7B1F-1F0B-49F9-8F32-0E50084D554D@apple.com>
To: Russell McClellan <russell@motu.com>

On Jul 20, 2013, at 8:40 AM, Russell McClellan <russell@motu.com> wrote:

> I'm not sure I fully understand this new proposal by Jer, but it seems like it requires a new allocation of an audio buffer every time a ScriptProcessorNode processes an event.  If I'm right about this, my intuition is that this will degrade the performance characteristics of the ScriptProcessorNode.  I could be wrong about either of these propositions - please correct me if I am.  

For the immutable AudioBuffer proposal, this is true.

For the (updated, non-immutable) proposal, it would require a memcpy, but not an allocation.  You would write directly to outputBuffer.

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