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general approaches & trivial details

From: Mike Gifford <mike@openconcept.ca>
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 23:04:59 -0400
Message-ID: <4A16165B.2060801@openconcept.ca>
To: public-atag2-comments@w3.org
I'm finding it difficult with both WCAG 2.0 & ATAG 2.0 to have web accessibility 
& desktop accessibility merged together like this.  Perhaps it is useful for the 
sake of the overlap in standardized approaches.  However, for a web developer 
working with a popular open source content management system (Drupal), I find 
that most folks get lost in the documentation.  Stripping it down to what is 
relevant for particular audiences is key.  It's disappointing that W3C isn't 
taking the initiative to provide concise guides for different developer 
communities.  Would really aid adoption I am sure.  Web based interfaces are a 
big enough challenge for accessibility that they could use having a shorter 
checklist, tailored using more standardized web specific language, and with 
links to best practices which are available in existing open source packages if 
possible. The desktop software people speak a different language I assume.

There is a link from:


where the anchor doesn't exist.  Same issue with:

Further down, there's a mising space in this paragraph:

  <li><strong class="sc-handle">B.3.1.1 At Least as Prominent:</strong> If <a 
href="Overview.html#def-Author" title="definition: author">authors</a>are 
provided with a choice of <a href="Overview.html#def-Authoring-Action">authoring 
actions</a> to achieve the same <a 
href="Overview.html#def-Authoring-Outcome-Mainstream">mainstream rendered </a><a 
href="Overview.html#def-Authoring-Outcome-Mainstream"> outcome</a>, then actions 
that implement <a href="Overview.html#def-Acc-Auth-Practice" title="definition: 
accessible authoring practice">accessible
             authoring practices</a> are at least as <a 
href="Overview.html#def-Prominence" title="definition: prominence"> 
prominent</a> as the other action(s)  (e.g., text can be made bold with either 
style sheets or <a href="Overview.html#def-Presentation-markuo">presentational 

These last items are pretty trivial though.

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