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Minor Editorials

From: Bruce Bailey <bruce@bailey4.us>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 05:36:52 -0400
Message-Id: <2372884F-77CF-422C-AE86-9C695C144A63@bailey4.us>
To: public-atag2-comments@w3.org
Cc: shawn@w3.org
Hi, I am commenting on ATAG 2.0 "next to last call" working draft.   
These comments reflect only my own opinion, and not my employer, nor  
any working group I might be a part of.

I am anxious that a few non-web authoring tools be validated against  
ATAG as part of the TR application.  There are tools which produce  
accessible HTML, and are accessible to screen readers, so it would be  
quite important to know how a few rank against the ATAG benchmarks.

Minor Editorial

Definition of authoring tool
Note 2 is confusing because authors, per ATAG definition, have author  


Any ATAG 2.0 guideline that requires authors to modifyification of Web  
content in some way, always assumes that the person has author  
Understanding Levels of Conformance
The phrase "look & feel" (with the quotation marks) appears three  
times and may be too colloquial. WCAG 2.0 restricts this term to the  
understanding document, and then only once.

ATAG 2.0 Guidelines
Part A Applicability Notes, Note 1 Scope. Suggest avoiding term  
"chrome" (with or without quotes) as it causes ambiguity. Some people  
think the term refers only to the decoration, not the control. Most  
people would not think of menus as Chrome. Toolbar and palette could  
be added to example list. Two opposing definitions:


Trivial Editorial

Table of Contents
There is an empty list item (<li></li>) between “ATAG 2.0 Layers of  
Guidance” and “Relationship to the Web Content Accessibility  
Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0”. This cause undesirable vertical white space  
when I printed.

Definition of authoring tool
Note 3 (Live content authoring tools…), Liveshould be a defined term  
(as it is in WCAG).

Integration of Accessibility Features
The phrase "look-and-feel" (with the quotation marks) is used in this  
paragraph when in the immediately previous section, "look &  
feel" (also with the quotes) appears (twice). Usage should be  

ATAG 2.0 Guidelines
B. Save Status For Repair: delete space between “checking” and  
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