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Re: Repost of CompuServe Position on Passphrases

From: Phil Karlton <karlton@netscape.com>
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 10:55:47 -0700
Message-ID: <31F7B523.2781@netscape.com>
To: Don Schmidt <donsch@microsoft.com>
CC: "'John Macko'" <jmacko@nisa.compuserve.com>, "'Tom Weinstein'" <tomw@netscape.com>, "'ietf-tls@w3.org'" <ietf-tls@w3.org>
> The distinction between whether the application server or the
> authentication authority knows the passphrase is much more than
> semantics.  

Another problem with using passwords is that it almost invariably allows
the administrator of the authentication authority to impersonate any
registered user. It makes accountability highly dubious.

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