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RE: Repost of CompuServe Position on Passphrases

From: Dan Simon <dansimon@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 15:00:46 -0700
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>From: 	Eric Greenberg[SMTP:ericg@netscape.com]
>It's great to see a real dialogue going on this list.  However, can I 
>suggest that we keep messages on this list as friendly as possible?
>Watching the sequence of messages on this thread, I am a bit surprised 
>at the tone of your message, Dan.  It's very possible I misinterpreted 
>what you are trying to say above and, if so, then I apologize.  I think 
>we all realize the need to deal with legal realities and in this regard 
>we are all in this together.  

Absolutely.  That was my point, really.

>At the same time, we aren't happy about 
>it, so I understand when we sound-off about it. Tom's reference was to 
>the laws, not to any individual.  

And likewise, my remarks were written and posted without the slightest
hint of personal hostility towards anyone.  Perhaps we should all just
agree to give each other room for a bit of crabbiness when discussion
turns to export laws.   :^)

>Relative to the specification, I 
>believe that we should seek out ways to meet legal realities today and 
>tomorrow wherever practical. 


				Daniel Simon
				Cryptographer, Microsoft Corp.

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