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Re: A question about Content-Length header

From: Adrien de Croy <adrien@qbik.com>
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 08:56:03 +1300
Message-ID: <497A20D3.9060703@qbik.com>
To: Peter <cnmjbm@gmail.com>
CC: ietf-http-wg@w3.org

there is no other way to signal the end of the message that the client
is sending.

A server has the option to close the connection to signal end of message
if no Content-Length or chunking is not used. A client for obvious
reasons does not have this option.

So in short, I would say the answer is yes, if the client message has an
entity body, and it will not send a Content-Length for whatever reason,
it must use chunking.


Peter wrote:
> Hi, Julian.
> Thanks for your response.
> Frustratedly, i still did not get an explicit answer from reading the
> section.
> Perhaps i should ask it this way:
> MUST an HTTP 1.1 *client* transfer-encode a message body in chunks
> and send Transfer-Encoding header if the client can/will not send
> Content-Length header for some reason?
> Looking forward to a either "YES" or "NO" answer according to official
> interpretation of RFC 2616.
> Thanks!!
> peter

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