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RE: HTTP 2.0: Request from server to clients at persistent connection

From: Mike Dierken <dierken@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 12:32:42 -0800
To: 'ϊΙΝΑΛΟΧ πΑΧΕΜ' <pavel.zimakoff@gmail.com>, <ietf-http-wg@w3.org>
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No new application level protocol (set of request/response messages) is
required for server-to-client communication, just consider the 'server' to
send requests and the 'client' to return responses (reverse their roles).

What is needed are approaches for delivering an unsolicited request message
to a protected or behind-a-firewall machine. (If the receiver of the
unsolicited message is not protected by a firewall, then it can be
considered the same as a traditional 'server'). Another way to think of this
is to separate which device initiates a network connection and which device
sends the application-level 'request'. 

For example, if the desktop initiated a network connection to a big remote
machine, and the remote machine responded with a signal (that clients and
intermediaries understood) to switch 'roles', then the client would become a
server (receiver) listening for requests and the server would become the
client (sender) sending requests. Perhaps the HTTP CONNECT method or Upgrade
header may be useful here.


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> Subject: HTTP 2.0: Request from server to clients at 
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> Now there was very fashionable an expression " WEB 2.0", 
> though basically it as a matter of fact the same web. Though 
> reforming of a web it is very actual, and mainly it rests on 
> development of the new protocol http 2.0.
> http 1.1 I consider as the main lack - request only from the 
> client. Now many processes pass from a server to clients, and 
> it demands back request - from a server to clients. 
> Therefore, " WEB 2.0" it is necessary to develop for real 
> introduction in the urgent image new protocol HTTP 2.0 and to 
> lay in it an emphasis on:
> - Revision persistent connections
> - Back request: from a server to clients.
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