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Re: Fwd: draft-ietf-http-v11-spec-rev-04 comments

From: Roy T. Fielding <fielding@kiwi.ics.uci.edu>
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 14:47:16 -0700
To: Dave Kristol <dmk@bell-labs.com>
Cc: Jim Gettys <jg@pa.dec.com>, http-wg@hplb.hpl.hp.com
Message-Id: <9808211447.aa08917@paris.ics.uci.edu>
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>>  * Section 5.1.2 "Request-URI", p33, second para talks about
>>    replacing 'a null abs_path with "*"' - surely it's replaced
>>    with a "/".
>I was about to say, vigorously, "no", but now I think I'm just confused
>about just what the point is of that paragraph.  The paragraph says:
>       Request-URI    = "*" | absoluteURI | abs_path
>In requests that they forward, transparent proxies MUST NOT rewrite the
>"abs_path" part of a Request-URI in any way except as noted above to
>replace a null abs_path with "*", no matter what the proxy does in its
>internal implementation.

That is a leftover from when Max-Forwards was not allowed to be used
with an OPTIONS request.  That stuff should be removed.  Unfortunately,
I don't have time to make a diff to give better guidance about where
"that stuff" is precisely -- one more thing to do on the plane to Chicago.

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