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Re: 12, 14.43: resource arguments and conneg

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Date: Sun, 02 Jun 96 17:48:48 -0400
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I agree with Koen on this one.  I'm keeping the can of worms 
carefully closed.

I'm still not convinced there is enough of a problem here to be worth
fixing, and the suggestions I've seen all look more likely to confuse
more people than leaving the document as is. And I certainly don't have
time to make any more global terminology changes in the document.

I'm going to rule out of order this terminology discussion.
The spec, as written, seems understandable to most who've been
reading it.

We don't have time to deal with this now before proposed standard.
If we find that implementers are getting confused, we can certainly
worry about this terminology issue between proposed and draft standard,
but for the little time left, I'd like everyone to worry about
protocol problems, rather than slightly confusing terminology.
				- Jim Gettys
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