Re: Drafting mux WG charter

From: Ben Laurie (
Date: Tue, Feb 16 1999

Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 21:49:31 +0000
From: Ben Laurie <>
CC: Yaron Goland <>, Joe Touch <>, Ted Hardie <>, Mark Day <>, Rohit Khare <>,, Josh Cohen <>, Lance Olson <>
Subject: Re: Drafting mux WG charter wrote:
> > My personal interest in MUXing is to re-use a single TCP connection to some
> > MUX port as a mechanism to simulate arbitrary TCP connections to arbitrary
> > ports.
> OK, does anybody else share this interest?

Dunno, but I have a concern. Firewalls rely on knowing where traffic is
going. A MUXed protocol is likely to require inspection of every byte to
do this, or at least, reconstruction of the stream, if it is to be
noticably different from using multiple connections. This will make
firewalling almost impossible in hardware, and resource-intensive in all
circumstances. In turn, this means that it is likely to be banned from
most applications, which means that doing it is a waste of time.




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