Re: First reactions to mandatory draft

From: Scott Lawrence (
Date: Thu, Jan 22 1998

Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 16:41:57 -0500
From: "Scott Lawrence" <>
Subject: Re: First reactions to mandatory draft

>>>>> "PL" == Paul Leach <> writes:

PL> I would suggest something like this:

PL> Man:	Registered-Header1, Reg-Hedr2, 23-, 35-
PL> Extension: URL1; ns=23, URL2; ns=35

PL> For registered header, no "Extension:" is needed. The only complication in
PL> Man over what is required for simple mandatory registered headers is that
PL> "23-" is a prefix, not an exact match whole header. The concession to
PL> decentralized extensibility is that "Extension" does not have to be listed
PL> in the Man header.

  The difficulty with:

    Man: Register-Header

  is that it doesn't convey what _version_ of the definition of
  Registered-Header you are using.  If, for example, I wish to send:

    Scooby: dooby; doo

  Where 'Scooby: dooby' was defined by RFC4000 and the 'doo'
  extention was defined by RFC4100.  What I want to express is that
  you should reject the request unless you understand RFC4100, not
  that you understand some older version of the Scooby header.  So I
  would add:


  As for headers, it might be usefull for me to add:

    Vary: Scooby

  so that intervening proxies would understand that the response to
  this request also depends on the Scooby header - that way the proxy
  can do the right thing even if it does not implement 4100.

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